I post photographs here from time to time for those who are interested in a bit of the story and the locations behind the pictures.

I shoot most of the photographs on on Martha's Vineyard.

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Girls Fly Fishing

1/320 seconds at f/13
OK, I don't think this needs much explanation. But I'm glad I live here.

Cold Front, Comin' Through.

1/13 second at f/7.1
A very bizarre sky on this night. A very well defined front moved across Vineyard sound, with the sun setting in a slot just below it. I couldn't quite capture the sunset, but this photo evokes the feeling of power and energy in the storm.  I like how the water reflects the dark and light in the sky.

Cedar Tree Neck Sunset

15 seconds at f/22
I ordered a variable neutral density filter but I couldn't wait for it to arrive so I experimented a bit, by shooting with a polarizing filter and holding another polarizing filter in front of the lens. Doing that cuts down the light coming through the lens, which allows for much longer exposures. All motion, like the water in this image, smooths and blends. I was way, way trespassing for this shot, but don't tell anyone.

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